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Being one of the fastest growing countries of the world in the Gulf region, people from various countries visit Qatar throughout the year. Qatar offers different kinds of visas based on the purpose of the visit.

Business Visa

This type of visa is issued to businessmen who have applied in advance. To obtain a tourist visa, the individual should have traveled into the country by Qatar Airways.

  • 72-hour business visa: This visa is issued on arrival, and is extendible for a further 72 hours. This visa is mostly used for short-term business trips. The local business receiving the overseas visitor often takes responsibility for the process and will need to provide a letter of invitation as part of it.
  • Business visa:This visa is available for new expatriate workers and persons conducting short-term contractual work in Qatar. The visa is valid for a maximum of three months, and must be arranged in advance by an approved company or institution operating in Qatar.
  • Investor Visa: Expatriates who invest in selected business ventures in Qatar, are eligible to residency without sponsorship. Applicants must have property ownership documents, a certificate of good behaviour and have a medical check-up to qualify. Authorized government personnel may complete the Investor Visa procedure online.

Family Visa

This service permits employees in Qatar to bring in their families from abroad, or renew residence visas of their family members. A Dependent or Family visa is granted to dependents (usually spouses and children) of sponsors. Expatriates will have to reach Qatar in advance and obtain a Residence Permit, before sponsoring their dependents.

Visas for Family Visits

This visa is issued to family members of those residing in Qatar for a short-term duration of one month. The visa is issued for visiting family member, who are visiting their relative residing in the country. The visa holds one month validity. However, relatives who wish to stay beyond one month may have to undergo physical examination within the first 72 hours of arrival and seek an extension. The visa can be extended to maximum of six months (five months in cases of immediate family members and two months for second-degree relatives). A fee of QR200 is applicable for each visa, and QR50 is charged for each registered dependent or companion.

Companions of GCC National Visa

The visa is given to drivers and servants of residents in Qatar, as they arrive at Qatari borders from the GCC States, and is valid for a period of one month and renewable for five months

GCC Residents Visit Visa

The visa is given to residents of GCC states who arrive at any of Qatar’s borders on a 14-day stay. The visa is valid for one month, and can be extended for another three months.

To obtain this type of visa:

  • Applicants must be currently employed in one of the 201 authorized professions, and hold valid permit and passport for at least six months.
  • Applicants must possess a return ticket to point of origin.

A fee of QR100 applies to each visa to be paid through credit card and QR50 for each companion.

Multiple Entry Visa

Multiple visas with a validity of more than a year are issued to individuals, companies, and government establishments that have approval from a specialized authority.

Joint Tourist Visa

The visa is issued on arrival at Qatar border for 33 countries, and the beneficiary can enter any country directly and is free to move to another country before expiry of the stay period.

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa holders are allowed to stay in Qatar for up to 30 days on a single trip.

Work Visa

Work visas are issued to private entities, companies, and individual sponsorships, which need to be approved by Ministry of Interior. Moreover, just a global health checkup will be performed before arriving Qatar.

Visa for Newborns

The Newborn visas are for new born babies aged less than 3 months. The visa is issued on their arrival at the Qatar border.

Transit Visa

The Transit Visa is also convenient for workers whose job requires a short stay in Qatar, for example sea men and truck drivers passing through Qatar. Please note a Transit Visa is not acceptable for general business visits. If you are planning to have a stopover (maximum of 24 hours) in Qatar on your way to your destination, you can apply for a transit visa before you travel. This visa is valid for 24 hours and will allow you to leave the airport transfer area to stay in Qatar.

Return Visa for visitors

Return visas are issued to visitors wherein they are granted permission to return once every six months or twice a year to their home country.

Visa-on-arrival for GCC Residents

The Interior Ministry in Qatar issued a revised list of 188 professions, and the GCC-resident practitioners under these professions are eligible for visa-on-arrival at the Doha International Airport.

Exit Visas

All residents, except women and children sponsored by their father or husband, will require an exit visa before leaving Qatar. Exit permits are usually arranged by sponsors.