You can visit Qatar on a business visa on a temporary basis and business visa does not allow the person to permanently settle in Qatar. Business visa is temporary solution, which is designed to allow overseas workers to work in Qatar on a short-term basis, this is usually the visa of choice for work stays of less than three months. Once you enter the country, you can extend this visa for a maximum of 90 days.

This visa is single entry, so if the worker leaves Qatar for any reason, a new visa will be required to gain access to the country again. Another important factor to remember is that there is a QAR 200 fine for every day that an individual overstays on this visa.


There are two types of Qatar business visa: 

72-hour business visa – This business visa is issued on arrival. Also, it is viable for further extension up to 72 hours. The persons who are on short business trips, they can consider applying for this visa. For example, if you have a business meeting with a potential client in Qatar or you wish to participate in a business convention, you can apply for this business visa. However, make sure you have all the valid documents.

Business visa – This is different from the 72-hour business visa. This visa is obtained for contractual work. Hence, the validity of this Qatar business visa is three months. A contractual worker can reside in Qatar on a short-term basis. The employer is responsible for arranging this type of visa. Moreover, the employer should operate an approved company or an institution in Qatar.

Investor Visa – This type of visa is also included in the Qatar business visa category. Persons who wish to invest in Qatar, they can apply for the Investor visa. However, investment option is available for selected ventures only. You have to read the guidelines and protocols thoroughly before you apply for the Investor visa. You will be issued Investor visa along with a residency in Qatar. For this, you have to provide valid documents certifying your property ownership, a certificate of good conduct and behavior, and medical check-up report.


These are the different types of Qatar business visa. For obtaining these visas, you need to provide the following documents:

  • Passport that is valid for six months from the date of arrival in Qatar
  • Financial proof
  • Other documents verifying your purpose of visit

If you are desirous of conducting business in Qatar, you have a lot of opportunities to explore there. Apply for Qatar business visa for initiating your venture.


The cost of this visa is QR200 for each visa.